“Helping you be and stay a confident investor”

Why? So you reap the rewards of growth on growth.

Without taking undue risks. Curious?

It's possible. You can be and stay a winner.

Allow me to show you how.

Independent advice since 2001

        You are eager to invest:

  • To boost your retirement savings or
  • For a special goal.

    Don’t know what to do?
    You hesitate? Even frustrated?

    The noise in the investment world makes it tough to make confident decisions.
    Too many investment choices overwhelm you. News headlines confuse you.

    Volatile markets scare you.
    You’re fed-up with all the hype.
    This stuff stresses you.

    You want to choose well.
    And invest with confidence.
    But how?

    Let’s follow the 4 steps

You're looking for clarity, straight talking investment advice

Let me give you fair advice

Here’s how you’ll benefit

  • Plain, straightforward investing. No bells and whistles.
  • Invest with experienced managers in funds that match your goals.
  • Comfortable with the level of risk of your investment.
  • Learn the 3 cornerstones of sound investing.
  • Learn 3 nasty investor behaviour mistakes. And how to avoid them.
  • Stay invested and reap the rewards of growth on growth.

WHY and HOW I help

  • My WHY is to help you be and stay a confident investor.
  • People fascinate me. Investor behaviour too.
  • While investing is a story about numbers, people have a number of stories too.
  • So it starts with you, your unique story. I’ll respect it. No judgment.
  • Not with numbers, analyses, projections or products.
  • I use an easy way to know you better.

Why am I doing it this way?

  • You are at the center. It engages and keeps you involved.
  • You and I shall understand your financial self and financial risk.
  • It pinpoints your natural tolerance for risk.
  • I found it enhances communications and matching of advice.
  • I also found it deepens the relationship with clients.
  • And it helps me to help you to make wise investment decisions.

No need to go through a struggle.

Simply take part in the 4 steps.

  1. A FREE, 30 minutes, no-obligation meeting to discuss your needs
  2. You complete FREE “get-to-know-you” online questionnaires
  3. You complete your FREE Risk tolerance profile online
  4. Educate, Advise, Invest and Keep in touch

If you're a serious long-term investor, get in touch, give it a go…

Schedule your free, 30 minutes, no-obligation meeting to discuss your needs

I'm ready to help you be and stay a confident investor

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