The 4 Steps

Step 1

A FREE, 30 minutes, no-obligation meeting to chat about your needs

  • Online via (super easy to use)
  • Per telephone

Step 2

You complete FREE “get-to-know-you” questionnaires.

To share your unique story with me.

  • Online. Confidential. Convenient.
  • I register you at
  • You complete 3 questionnaires:
    1. Your Life principles – 7 questions
    2. Your Life history – 12 questions
    3. Personality awareness profile  – 24 questions 

Step 3

You complete your FREE Risk tolerance profile.

To pinpoint your natural tolerance for risk.

  • Online. Confidential. Convenient.
  • I register you at
  • You answer 25 questions.
    About your attitudes, values and experiences.
    Takes 15 minutes maximum.
  • Your personalised report will be available online.

Step 4

Educate, Advise, Invest and Keep in touch

  • Educate you on investment essentials.
  • Share the 3 cornerstones of sound investing.
  • Highlight 3 nasty investor behaviour mistakes.
    And how to avoid them.
  • Advise you on a suitable investment solution.
  • Invest with experienced investment managers.
  • I’ll guide you towards your informed decision.
  • Keep in touch:
    I give feed-back, at least once a year.
    You ask me questions and give feed-back.
    To touch base, of course.

If you’re a serious long-term investor, get in touch, give it a go…

Schedule your free, 30 minutes, no-obligation meeting to discuss your needs

I’m ready to help you be and stay a confident investor