My 3 wonderful role models

  • Dad
    He practised as a dentist. Practical, kind and a peoples’ person.
    Dad neglected his long-term investing because he lacked investment confidence.
    Consequently, he didn’t do what he should have done.
    Retired on a mediocre private and state pension.
    He battled to make ends meet.
    I experienced first-hand how he lacked the gold in his golden years.
    He tried so hard to keep his dignity till his death at age 82. Heartbreaking. 

  • Mom
    She managed and invested her monies wisely and with confidence.
    After my sister passed away, mom raised her granddaughter.
    Although it was hard, she kept going strong.
    She was struck by breast cancer. But, stayed confident.
    Made good investment decisions. And avoided the bad ones.
    Sadly, she couldn’t enjoy her golden years because of her self-imposed duties.
    She passed away at the age of 79. Too soon.
    It was a privilege to advise her.
  • Granddad
    Dedicated wood-work teacher. Precise and hard-working.
    He received a humble state salary.
    But he could manage his monies diligently. Wow, what an excellent example.
    Confidence – he definitely had it. Every cent counted.
    Hearing loss later on. But, paid close attention when money matters came up.
    Passed away at age 94. Lived a simple, but quality life.