Retirement Annuities

A unique retirement savings product.

It allows you to invest in unit trusts.

Ideal for the self-employed.
Ideal for an employee to boost his or her retirement savings.

You get tax benefits and protection, but it comes with restrictions.
Your contributions are tax-deductible, subject to limits.
The capital growth, interest and dividends earned are tax-free.

You may nominate beneficiaries. No estate duty payable.

Safeguards ensure you keep your investment for retirement.

Protected from potential creditors:
1. You cannot transfer or pledge your RA and,
2. You cannot use your RA to secure a loan.

Protected from yourself:
You may only access your money when you retire, earliest at age of 55.
Only one-third maximum available as cash.
Two-thirds must be used to purchase a product for a pension.

You may access your RA before 55 if:
You are permanently disabled
You emigrate

Indeed, a unique retirement savings product.