“Helping you be and stay a confident investor”

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In 4 steps….

My focus is long-term investing

5 years and longer…

  • Want to boost your retirement savings
  • Changed or are changing jobs and want to re-invest your provident or pension fund monies
  • Received an inheritance
  • Sold a business
  • Recently divorced or are divorcing and want to invest your settlement monies
  • Have cash in a bank account which you want to invest.


    You are eager to invest per month because you:
  • Want to boost your retirement savings
  • For a special goal

Introducing Return on Life™

  • Long-term investing focuses on Return of Investment.
  • But your life happens right now.
  • Therefore I challenge you to strive for and do more.
  • To get the best possible Return on Life™ with the money you have.
  • That should be the ultimate goal of your money – shouldn’t it?
  • We’ll discuss 10 facets of life on which your money has an impact.
  • Use the Return on Life™ worksheet to gauge your success.
  • Then you decide how you want to invest your time and money to get the most life with the money you have.

Retirement coaching

  • For existing clients:
  • We face a different retirement reality than previous generations.
  • Therefore we need to have a different conversation:
    ◦ The old one is mainly about money
    ◦ The new one focuses on your goals, time and money.
  • Your goals are crucial. Why? Because you have to retire to something, not from something.
  • The new approach combines health, wealth, work and leisure.
  • We’ll use specially designed worksheets. It helps you envision how your retirement will play out.
  • Aim for the best retirement:
    ◦ Enough purpose to wake up in the morning and
    ◦ Enough money to sleep at night.

Additional Services

  • For existing clients:
  • Financial needs analysis
  • Life, Disability, Critical illness cover
  • Income protection
  • Wills

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